Friday, December 11, 2009

Nationite MIDNite Xpress canceled

MP4nation unfortunately had to cancel their first MID the Nationite MIDNite Xpress. This is mainly due to the factory not able to get the right components and software together. MP4nation has posted options for preorders.

To all those that have placed a preorder for the Nationite MIDNite Xpress, i regret to inform that we will not be able to provide you with this player. Due to circumstance well beyond my control, the factory is unable to product the Xpress units as they are meant to be made, this is due to shortage of components, although there are alternative components available, to use these it would require a change in the firmware, however the factory does not have the technical know how to do this.

We can't keep waiting for the factory to either get the right components or hope to get an engineer capable of amending the firmware for the alternative components. So as of today we canceled the entire order for the Xpress units.

Please, please, please, read the below before you email us (actually please don't email us first, i will be email each buyer between tomorrow and Monday).

Those that have made a purchase with the Xpress you can opt for the following as alternatives:

1) Change your order to a SmartQ Q5 MID, we will throw in a free mofi case, viewing stand and custom screen protector, as well we will give you $10 store credit for use on anything within the store.

2) Take store credit for the amount you paid and we will add an additional $10 to the balance.

3) Take a full refund.

To any that take options 1 or 2 we will offer them the discounted EMS shipping of $10 also. To any that choose EMS for their Xpress order and choose 1 or 2, we will give an additional $10 store credit as a partial refund on the EMS shipping you paid.

Please if you are reading this, do not open a support ticket or email us with what option you want, please wait for my email. There are quite a few people that did preorder this especially in the last few days, but for those that jumped on this very early and have been waiting for quite some time, i really want to say that i am very sorry and wish this did not need to happen.


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