Sunday, February 15, 2009


Upgrade your digital music experience with ZAGGaudio’s ZAGGphones™. Action-packed with eye-catching design, outstanding sound quality, and superior hardware, ZAGGphones™ are the next evolutionary step for headphones

ZAGGphones™ wrap you up in the music, delivering true, clear sound in a completely immersive experience. High quality drivers and components produce an amazing range of tones that sound much more expensive than they really are. With a durable, heavy-duty cord and a large, comfortable headset, ZAGGphones™ maximize every genre and listening pleasure. No matter how you rock or how you roll, ZAGGphones™ are a perfect fit your lifestyle

ZAGGaudio adds another dimension to your electronics experience; combining the convenience and quality of digital music with top-of-the-line equipment so you can get the most out of your gadgets. The hallmark of ZAGGaudio is rich, exceptional sound with sharp clarity; inventive, eye-catching design; and excellent value for the cost

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