Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Canceling a Dell Order

Dell Support is no longer good(Fact). So you want to cancel your order that has not shipped?

You call the phone number on the Dell site and then get someone who states your order is in production and can't be canceled(false). They say this so you don't cancel your order. Many people me included have canceled order that is in production. It seems they have one guy on the phone who tries to claim that you can't cancel even when your item has not shipped.

Call this number 1-800-247-2076 and tell them you want to order a different model pc/laptop from Dell. They cancel it and you receive a confirmation email(sometimes) or check your order status online(It should say canceled). And you never buy a Dell computer again unless it's from the Dell Outlet(fact).

And this is the complete guide to canceling a Dell Order.

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