Thursday, February 26, 2009

R/C Zombie


Life isn't fair. Some people are born with good looks, others are born with exceptional talents and skills, and still others are born with massive intelligence. You? Well, you were born with all of those qualities (we know . . . just like us). But what to do with the rest of the world - all those inferior to you? We recommend unleashing the undead. Not a horde or anything that could get out of control, but just a single Zombie to feast on the tiny brains who work around you.

You are in full control of this zombie, don't worry. Just use the Brain Remote Control and your undead minion will obey your command to shamble forward towards its intended meal. And just to show you how much it likes you, your R/C Zombie will groan as it shuffles, too (press button, he walks and groans; press it again, he stops). To help your zombie, you can also pose its articulated neck, shoulders, and hips. Just keep reminding your zombie that it shouldn't eat a big brain like yours; it should eat many little brains like those found in your coworkers' heads. Because studies have shown that many little meals during the day are much better for you than one big meal. Braaaaiiiiins.

R/C Zombie

* Features: Unbelievable walking and groaning r/c action; articulated neck, shoulders, and hips (for extra posability)
* Includes: R/C Zombie (7.75" tall) and Brain-shaped Remote Control (2.75" long)
* Batteries: 3 AAA (not included)

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