Friday, November 07, 2008

Teclast T50+ with TV Out - First Impressions Review

I got my hands on the OEM Teclast T50+ with TV out. First impression it's almost identical to the Teclast T50 with two differences.

First the Teclast T50+ features TV out. Something the original T50 did not have. The latest firmware includes support for US NTSC format. I haven't tried this feature out yet so stay tuned...

Second the Teclast T50+(also known as the Teclast T50 Second Edition, S:flo lite, Cyc-V49TV, among other re branding names) has a single point capacitive screen compared to the multi-point capacitive screen found on the T50. Basically the T50+ can only register one finger at a time. While the T50 can register two or more fingers at one time. This is the reason you can pinch and zoom in and out of a picture on the T50. There has been much debate about whether the T50+ has a resistive or capacitive screen. Well from using it myself it definitely has a capacitive screen.

Reason why I come to this conclusion with the help of David at Planet-Metropolis is that the screen only registers a finger. I've tried several various things like stylus, pens, other objects and none of the register on the touchscreen. It also has a hard plastic screen unlike resistive screens which have the spongy soft touchscreen similar to the ones found on PDA's. It also doesn't have a raised bezel like the Onda VX858 or VX747 have. Resistive screen work best with a fingernail or stylus. While the capacitive screen works best with the soft skin of the fingertip. And finally the clarity of the screen of the T50+ is very close if not the same to the T50. While resistive screens only have 75% clarity.

If your interested in buying the OEM Teclast T50 Second Edition then head over to U.S. based Planet Metropolis HERE

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