Thursday, November 06, 2008

De Vere’s unveil's Angels Tears Diamond Encrusted iPhone 3G

Diamond jewellers, De Vere’s of London have unveiled their beautiful diamond encrusted iPhone 3G, the ‘Angels Tears’. This stunning Art Deco inspired Apple iPhone has been created by De Vere’s founder Philip De Vere in memory of his mother who died of ovarian cancer. A number of examples are being sold to raise money for the research and treatment of women’s cancers. They are available for a limited time at £2499 (USD$3981.73).

I wanted to create a damned sexy and desirable iPhone, capable of giving anyone’s thumbs an orgasm”. Philip De Vere said.

The unlocked (by Apple) 16GB black backed 3G iPhones have 400 small brilliant cut diamonds set into the steel bezel surrounding the front screen. The majority of these diamonds are F colour, VS clarity whites, apart from one corner, which has pink diamonds that gradually fade to whites as they extend along the edges of the iPhone.

At a later date, if the owner wishes, the diamonds can be removed from the iPhone and set into custom made jewellery. A plain bezel can then be refitted to the original iPhone. De Vere’s of London can inset any number of diamonds, from 25 to 425 to create either a diamond accented (detailed) or diamond encrusted iPhone 3G. The Angels Tears diamond iPhone is available from De Vere’s for £2499 (USD$3981.73) for a limited time.

Prices for other ‘De Vere Diamond iPhones’ start from £281.75 (USD$448.92) for the 25 diamond ’25 Wishes’ bezel, fitted to an existing iPhone.

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