Wednesday, March 11, 2015

FlyShark Smartwatch takes on Apple Watch

Apple is not the only one launching a new Smartwatch to the market.  FlyShark, a company that previously launched a wireless keyboard on Kickstarter and is introducing a new one HERE.  The FlyShark Smartwatch is a swiss army knife of smart watches.  It features a standalone mobile phone, heart rate monitor, exercise tracker, sleep quality monitor and so much more.

The FlyShark Smartwatch can send AND receive messages, and make private calls without touching your phone.  Just simply pop a Micro-SIM card and you have a Smartwatch phone on your wrist.  The watch can also use Bluetooth and work with your Smartphone as well.  The FlyShark Smartwatch also features a 2MP camera for quick photo taking moments.  The exercise tracker and heart rate monitor will keep you in good health.  The watch is available for preorder for as low as $79 early bird offer HERE

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