Monday, March 02, 2015

CCleaner is awesome fixed missing bottom toolbar

My computer for some reason was missing the bottom toolbar.  It was not autohide or anything like that.  I was trying to figure it out all day.  The desktop would not let me drag or drop.  It would not allow me to open programs like Firefox.  I kinda figure it was my hard drive dying.  Until I saw a post on some random forum to use CCleaner.  I had some photos that I did not backup and was unable to copy to flash drive because Windows was acting up.  After 10 hours of trying to problem solve the issue I clicked on CCleaner and it was the only program that was still working under Windows.  I clicked fix registry errors and then nothing happen.  Then I rebooted windows and finally everything was back to normal. 

What I thought was a dead hard drive ending up being registry errors.  Had I known to use CCleaner in the beginning I would have save grief from trying to figure it out. 

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