Monday, August 25, 2014

Yerka Bike - The Bike you can't steal

Any bike owner will feel insecure when leaving their bike behind at a bike post or tree.  The bike locks aren't very secure and often times bikes are stolen.  Yerka Project is trying to protect bikes from theft.  The Yerka Bike uses it's own frame as a lock to prevent theft.  The only way to steal the bike would to break the bike. 

The Yerka Bike was design for comfort, security, and design.  The Yerka bike maintains the slick design of an urban bike.  The bike looks like any other bike, but it's the safest bicycle you'll find.  With the Yerka Bike you no longer have to carry around a lock and it takes only 20 seconds to connect the bike frame to an object to keep the bike safe. 

Check out Yerka Project HERE

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