Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CaseCrown Kindle Fire Epic Standby Case

Protect your Kindle Fire at all times with this CaseCrown Epic Standby case! This case sports a simple and classy design that is strong and durable to prevent damage, and the interior is lined with non-scratch material. The case has an open pocket to easily slide in your Kindle Fire and secure it in place along with a single magnetic button closure on the outside. Because the cover is uniquely designed to flip back and transform the case into a comfortable viewing stand, this capability allows the viewer to use the Kindle Fire hands-free whatever the position may be. The viewing stand has attached ridges on the back to allow multiple angles. Through this adjustment option, you'll have optimal point of view for your Kindle Fire without straining on your body. Another feature that comes with this amazing case is the elastic band and pockets included on the inside of the case to carry cards, notes, and paper. You can even slip in your hand and use it as a band to grip the case. It allows you to freely handle the Kindle Fire without having it knocked out of your hands. It makes using your Kindle Fire while traveling easier! The compact structure of the case offers convenient mobility so you can just grab your Kindle Fire and be ready to go knowing it will be protected at all times!

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