Monday, December 12, 2011

ExoPC Slate Windows 7 Tablet Review

ExoPC is a Windows 7 Tablet that you compared to a Netbook with the built in Keyboard. Microsoft has not done a lot of advertising for Windows 7 Tablets so a lot of consumer s doesn’t know they even exist. On the other hand when Windows 8 launches then you will see a push by MS to sell Tablets featuring their latest OS. ExoPC in my opinion is the future but in the present. I also thought the OQO 02 was ahead of it's time but that company folded.

ExoPC features an 11.6" capacitive multi-Touch display with 1.66 GHz Atom processor, 2GB of Ram, and either 32 or 64GB of SSD. When released in 2010 the ExoPC had excellent specs but in present has been surpassed by Skytex S-Series Dual Core Atom and Samsung Slate 7 which features an i5 processor. Still the specs are more than enough to run Windows 8 Developers Edition.

ExoPC runs your standard Windows 7 OS where you can do everything your laptop does except for high end gaming. The ExoUI is a custom UI launcher that can run apps for Windows 7. ExoPC has its own app store but the amount of apps is a bit lacking.

Overall the ExoPC is the best value Windows 7 Tablet in the market today. All the other Tablets can cost you up to 1,000 and more. When Windows 8 for Tablets launch the ExoPC will still be one of the best choices for most as ARM Windows 8 is more limited than the x86 ExoPC. If you’re looking for the future of computing today then go and check out the ExoPC today.

Cheap price for Windows 7 Tablet
Build quality and design
Runs almost everything that a Netbook does
ExoUI is unique

Screen is glossy and shows smudges
Not quite powerful enough
Auto-Rotate is slow
Ambient light sensor not very good (disable it if possible)

8.5 Out of 10

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Exopc Slate

Disclosure: Purchased on my own, affiliate link

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