Sunday, May 01, 2011

AT&T DSL Cap starts Monday - AT&T still number 1 in disappointing customers

When AT&T bought the phone/dsl provider that I was using I received two bills. I inquired by phone that I need to signup to the new AT&T. And since then I have felt betrayed by AT&T poor service. AT&T charges me $120-$130 a month for DSL and home phone. With that money I get slow DSL service and expensive phone service. And now my DSL is capped to 150GB. And the reason why is not 2% hogging bandwidth which is what AT&T says. Instead I believe it's to make people signup for their more expensive U-Verse service. AT&T is really selling it in my area as two 20 somethings were going door to door trying to sell the service. When I said no the guy said "I guess you don't want to save money." Of course the salesman never mentions that the bundle package is only for 12months then the bill skyrockets.

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