Saturday, September 18, 2010

dB Logic Headphones

db Logic launches a new headphone with SPL2 Technology. The headphones comes in several colors.

Maximum Comfort

Ultra-flexible design that provides a comfortable fit. The adjustable headband and swivel design accommodate every head size and shape, while cushioned ear cups provide additional comfort and immerse you in the music.
Superior Sound

It’s all about the music, and dB Logic headphones deliver crystal clear, distortion free sound with a rich, full bass.
Help Prevent Hearing Loss

Eardrums are incredibly delicate, and only our SPL2 Technology provides real protection against the high sound pressure levels that cause hearing damage when you listen to music for extended periods of time.

With db Logic headphones, you really can listen longer.
Convenient Portability

Lightweight and compact, dB Logic headphones squeeze down to the size of a DVD and come with a handy carrying case, so they can go wherever you go.
Technical Specifications

Patent pending SPL2 technology
Speaker Diameter – 38mmk
Frequency Range – 20Hz-20KHz
Drive Impedance – 32 Ohms
Max. Input Power – 100mW
Cable Length – 1.4m
Plug Type – 3.5mm

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