Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cell Phone Number Lookup

How often do we get a call from a cell phone and want to call back cell phone number lookup who it was. When someone calls me on a landline I can identify them immediately on my caller ID unless their unlisted. Well it would be great to find out who is calling me considering how many people have ditched the landline for cell phone only. The problem is that caller ID does not identify names for cell phones. It only says the phone number and cell phone for the name. This can be a problem since I don't know who is calling me. I have pickup the phone thinking it's a friend to find it was some guy wanted a donation for the Fraternity Order of the Police.

Clearly looking up cell phone should appeal to a lot of us. Since I use my iPhone everyday I would like to know who is calling me. Also having a means of getting information about who's calling you is very useful. I don't want to miss a call and found it was important. On the other hand I don't want to pickup the phone to find it was some annoying telemarketer. We all have had that happen to us. So indeed it would be useful to have a reverse phone lookup for cell phones and unlisted residential number. In addition internet sites provide services like background checks too. Finally be informed and have a ton of information right in front of you. Before you pickup the phone make sure who’s calling you.

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