Monday, August 23, 2010

Savvy Caddy SC-8 Slim Wallet Review

About a year ago I reviewed the Savvy Caddy SC-24 which holds 24 cards. Well now I get a chance to check out the Savvy Caddy SC-8 which holds 8 cards. The SC-8 is a slimmer wallet that holds only the essentials and geared towards athletes and active people.

The instant you pickup the Savvy Caddy wallet in your hand you will notice a difference. The SC-8 is made of the highest quality top-grain leather. The 8 card slots allow you to carry your ID, Business Cards, Credit Cards, Gym Membership card, and more.

Insert pages - The 8 card slots have a unique plastic buttons at the mid pocket that retain cards from falling out. The feature is patented by Novability, Inc who makes the Savvy Caddy.

Anyone who is playing a sport for recreation or running knows that wallets are a big hassle. While playing a pickup game of basketball my wallet fell out. The problem is that a lot of wallets aren't design for movement. They tend to wiggle in the pocket and fall out. The Savvy Caddy is thin yet wide so there is no movement in the pocket. It fits both the front or back pocket perfectly and is flexible that it flows with your movement. This wallet is so comfortable in my pocket that I don't know it's there.

Those who want a wallet for their active lifestyle should check out the Savvy Caddy SC-8. It is the perfect wallet for runners, athletes of all sports, Skaters, Cyclists and anyone who is active and needs a wallet that fits their needs.

9.5 out of 10

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