Sunday, January 11, 2009

GiiNii's Movit Mini Wifi Android Tablet

Movit™ – Mobile Internet Device/mSND (Mobile Social Networking Device)

You’re on the go and want to stay connected, so Movit! The WiFi-enabled Movit lets you browse the web and share content on your favorite social networks like Facebook and MySpace. You can watch streaming videos (that are large enough to really see) and use the built-in video camera as a mini-web cam. But best of all, Movit is Skype™-enabled with a built-in microphone and speaker (with Bluetooth option), allowing you to call other Skype users for FREE! That’s right: free calling wherever you find a WiFi hotspot (so it’s carrier-independent).

Features Include:

  • WiFi for hotspot use anywhere
  • Skype-enabled
  • Built-in microphone/speaker to make Skype calls and more
  • Bluetooth 2.0 if you want to use a headset or pair with other Bluetooth device
  • Video & still camera can be used as webcam
  • Address book gives you easy access to desired phone numbers
  • 4.3” or 7” screen
  • Stream video and audio
  • Built-in lithium battery so you can take it anywhere
  • Easily connect to social networks like Facebook™, MySpace™, Twitter™, etc.
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