Wednesday, June 18, 2008

NLU Products is releasing a new BodyGuardz Skin for the new iPhone 3G

When I first got the 1st generation iPhone I put the BodyGuardz skin on it. And today it is still in mint condition. So protect your investment in the new 3G iPhone and get a BodyGuardz skin. Unlike a normal screen protector. The BodyGuardz skin provides full protection front and back of the entire unit. So your electronics will stay in pristine condition like the day you bought it. I highly recommend the entire line of BodyGuardz skins. They are the best at great prices.

BodyGuardz Skins are Custom-made, paper-thin and transparent protectors, meant to protect against damaging scratches, wear and tear. Made from the same material that protects the front of your car from abrasive matter, they are sure to make your mobile device resilient to scratching.

Preorder the BodyGuardz for NEW Apple iPhone 3G HERE

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