Monday, June 23, 2008

New Mercedes DC

If your in the Washington DC area then take a look at the inventory at American Service Center Mercedes in Arlington, VA. No matter what your needs are. They can help you at American Service Center Mercedes. They are the premier car dealership for all Mercedes Benz vehicles. Stocking hundreds of the newest models.

Take a look at the luxury sedan, the all new Mercedes E-class will provide you comfort and power responsiveness.

If your looking for a more sporty car take a look at the Mercedes SL-class, the ultimate sport sedan.

Next we have the mid size sports sedan. The Mercedes S class comes with luxury but at the same time value and good quality you expect in a world class vehicle.

For the family vehicle you want to look at the Mercedes GL-class. The Mercedes GL-class is the best combination of style, roomy, SUV for both business and pleasure. A perfect SUV for a big family with the same luxury you expect from Mercedes.

The Mercedes M Class is similar to the GL-Class yet not quite a SUV. More of a crossover vehicle that is larger than your average car yet not quite as big as a full size SUV.

As you see there is quite a selection of vehicles for all types of people. So get your New Mercedes DC at American Service Center Mercedes in Arlington, VA.

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