Friday, February 22, 2008

PDO TopSkin for iPod Touch White Review

I am normally not a fan of silicone rubber cases for my iPods and iPhones. But today I found one that may change my mind. Today I review the PDO TopSkin for iPod Touch.

What’s included: PDO Topskin, wrist strap, and belt clip and screen protector

Design: The PDO TopSkin is made of high quality silicone that is twice as thick as those cheap rubber cases you will find on Ebay. The case has openings for all the functions of the iPod Touch. And even has the opening for the sensor. The silicone rubber gives it off a good texture for less slippage in hand. And the perfectly formed case adds next to no added bulk. And finally this silicone case is less of a dust collector than the other rubber cases.

Function: The PDO Topskin should offer very good protection from falls. It is extra thick to provide maximum protection. The case also accounts for all the functions of the iPhone. And works as if their wasn’t a case on it. Also includes a belt clip

Conclusion: Be assured this is one of the best cases for the iPod Touch. It is of definite high quality that is worth every bit of the $20 price. And when they say you get what you pay for it’s true. Sure you can get a $5 cheap silicone case but it will look and feel like a $5 case. The PDO TopSkin definitely stands out in terms of smooth lines, formed design, great protection, and value you won’t find too often in case.

9.5 out of 10

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