Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nvidia APX 2500 Cell phone gaming chip

Today people demand an all in one device. A device that can do more than thing. And that's why cell phones have become a digital camera, organizer, cell phone, video player, mp3 player, and now it has become a serious gaming platform. In the past you cell phones would have these low bit arcade style games for the cell phone. Well now with Nvidia APX 2500 you can do some serious 3D gaming on your mobile.

Full specs below:

NVIDIA® HD AVP (High Definition Audio Video Processor) with PureVideo® technology

  • Capture or playback of HD 720p movies with your mobile device
  • Unprecedented picture quality and ultra-smooth, vivid movie playback with low CPU utilization and power consumption

Superior Imaging

  • Take sharp and steady pictures with a 12MP camera with built-in image stabilization algorithm
  • Integrated Image Signal Processor (ISP) with proprietary algorithms enables image and video stabilization, face tracking, and advanced trick modes

NVDIA ULP (Ultra Low Power) GeForce® technology

  • World’s fastest GeForce graphics technology architected for low power applications
  • Superior 3D user interface capabilities based on a unique compositing framework delivers seamless web browsing

NVDIA nPower™ technology

  • Enables the industry’s longest HD video and MP3 playback on your phone
  • Architected to deliver optimized system power utilization

True dual display subsystem for flexibility of use

  • Entertainment – watch a movie on an HDMI display and use your phone as a remote control device
  • Business – present your proposal on a SXGA projector using your phone as a pointing device
  • Personal – show your favorite photos on the television while previewing them on your phone

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