Sunday, January 06, 2008

Onda VX747 next generation (Onda VX858) goes widescreen

You may remember the iPhone style flash mp3 player Onda VX858(2.8") and its little brother Onda VX878(2.4"). Well now the next generation has arrived. With a larger 3.0" TFT Touchscreen with a new widescreen 16:9 400x240 resolution. It will use the same chipset Chinachips JX4740 that is used in VX989+ and Ainol V2000SE. Other features include support for up to 32gb microSD expansion.

Full specs below
Specs from article:
* 3.0 inch, 400*240 □□the real color TFT □screen □shows the screen; All touches the screen operation.
* Supports MP3, WMA, WAV and so on the many kinds of sounds □form; Supports the APE/FLAC □□□□sound □;
* Support song □synchronization □shows;
* Supports RM/RMVB, ASF, AVI, MP4, 3GP, MPG and so on each kind of form □□broadcast;
* Support rich You?;
* Supports the FLASH □□broadcast;
* Supports form □piece and so on the JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG □□, turns on lathe □and the imaginary □piece broadcast;
* The Fm reception and may save □more than 40 □□;
* □sets at □the gram □, ultra □□□□sound;
* □can □set at, the typeface □color, □shows brightness, the contact surface background and so on is free □sets;
* 8 kind of EQ sound effect, may supply to follow □□□;
* The support □sub- □□□, □stands □□, from □□□the function;
* Supports WIN98SE/ME, WIN2000, XP is □;
* USB2.0 high speed □□connection;
* Biggest support high speed 32GB Micro SD (TF) the card □unfolds saves □is spatial □;
* □□limits rises □;

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