Sunday, September 23, 2007

iRiver G10 back from the dead

An update on the iRiver G10 Wibro portable gaming system? I honestly thought it was vaporware by now. Well today we have an update on the PSP killing do it all game system.

KT Cooperation, the service provider of WiBro, indicating that G10 maybe coming out at December.

Here is the rumored specs -
Intel Xscale ARM CPU PXA-27x 317MHz
Main memory 128MB SDRAM, Video memory 32MB SDRAM
4 inches WVGA(800x480 16bit)TFT LCD
6GB flash memory, SD card slot
Graphic chip: Nvidia Goforce 5500 (mobile)
Support: Bluetooth (unconfirmed), USB2.0, WiFi, WiBro, TV OUT.
Windows CE operating system.
15 buttons (10 for gaming)
Accessories: Large capacity battery, DMB addon

via MisticRiver via iRiverFans

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