Friday, August 10, 2007

Avant Browser - The IE and Firefox killer browser has arrived

About - The Avant Browser stands out from the rest because of its speed, performance, and rich features. The Avant Browser is a standalone application designed to improve internet browsing by expanding and customizing services provided by Internet Explorer. Avant uses fewer system resources to ensure faster web page loading. It also: blocks pop-ups, online profile storage account (saves user’s bookmarks/configuration and can be accessed from any PC); lets users perform frequently used browse operations with mouse movements, and more.

History - I have tried almost every browser out there. First with IE which most everyone knows about. But Internet Explorer had one major flaw. Too many hackers trying to exploits it's security holes which lead to more viruses, trojans, and popups. And this is the reason I went with the highly rated Firefox. Only the problem with Firefox is that it crashes constantly that at one point I switch to IE for a week which was a big mistake. I ended up with a trojan from a popup that IE didn't block. So that is the last time I used IE.

Something new - I wanted to try out a new browser. So I went through Opera, Safari for Windows, and several others. Then I was alerted about Avant Browser and there latest version which is completely free and adfree.

Features -
Online Profile Storage
Flash Animation Filter
Built in Ad/Pop-Up Blocker
Built in RSS/Atom Reader
Additional Mouse Functions
Multi Window Browsing
Read Full Screen Mode
Built in Search Engine
Full IE Compatibility
Control your privacy
Safe Recovery
Customizable Skins

Real experience with browser - After tested the browser for a week I don't think I will go back to either IE or Firefox. In fact it's an actually balance of the two popular browsers. Pretty much all the features I want in a browser and fast too.

Conclusion: I was using Google before it was the #1 rated search engine. So I like to think I can see the next great thing. And I think the Avant Browser could be that for browsers. The Avant Browser has a ton of features and after use, it's my new favorite browser.

Download the browser for free at

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