Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Components That Make Mobile Phones Better in 2017

As mobile phone technology continues to advance, it's hard to believe that even just a few short years ago mobile phones were little more than devices that allowed you to make and receive calls. Now, they're something else entirely – thanks to the type of apps that one can install, the electronics components hidden inside the case and features like the operating system, you can do everything from run your personal life to run a business all from a device that fits comfortably into the palm of your hand. There are a few key electronics components that stand to take the already impressive devices that we own and make them even more amazing in 2017 and beyond.

The Screen
Since the release of Apple's iPhone in 2007, one of the most important electronics components in a mobile phone has and will always be the screen. These deceptively simple parts need to service a number of different goals all at once. They need to respond to human touch in organic and reliable ways, for example, as more and more phones are relying purely on touch for all user interactions. They also need to cram as many pixels as possible into such a small surface area for the highest possible resolution, all while using as little energy as possible to help preserve battery life. As mobile phone technology continues to advance, it will be truly amazing just how efficient, practical and high quality the screen on these devices truly becomes.

Fingerprint Identification Sensors
Fingerprint identification sensors are electronics components that help make sure that a person's mobile phone is as safe and as secure as possible at all times. Keep in mind that a mobile phone is now more than just a simple phone – if your personal or business device falls into the wrong hands, it's possible that it could be used by someone with malicious intentions to steal your identity or worse, ruin your company. Fingerprint identification sensors replace or supplement (depending on the device) a traditional password system to help make sure that you are truly the only person who has access to your phone at any given time. While current fingerprint identification technology is already impressive, expect electronics components manufacturers to take things to the next level by the time 2017 rolls around.

The Battery 
The reputation of many mobile phones have lived and died based on the total battery life that is promised by the phone's original manufacturer. People are on their phones all day long – this is something that is inarguably part of the appeal of the devices in the first place. The mobile phone batteries of 2017 and beyond need to accomplish a few different goals all at once. First, they need to be able to provide the type of “all day” battery life that people can depend on to help make sure that they don't find themselves with a “dead” device before they're ready. Secondly, they need to keep getting smaller as electronics components to help prevent the phones themselves from becoming too large.

While there are a wide range of different electronics components that are making mobile phones better in 2017 and beyond, one of the most important factors that is guaranteeing progress has nothing to do with the parts themselves. As technology continues to advance, the relationship between mobile phone manufacturers and their suppliers is becoming more and more important.

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