Monday, March 14, 2011

Blockbuster Online sends me the same cracked disc twice

I recently signup for Blockbuster Online as they were doing a promotion in store at one of the closing Blockbusters. They would offer me a free DVD in store to signup for their online DVD service. I put DVDs in my query and waited.

Of the 3 DVDs I receive one was cracked which I reported. I return the DVD the next day. A couple of days later the same cracked DVD is ship back to me. Apparently this Lansing shipping center has one copy and they don't even check whats reported online.

I emailed their PR contact as well as the customer service as I have no idea what to do. Report a problem with the disc again and find they ship it to me a third time.

Also another person before has reported the same thing happened to them.

Update: Customer Service responded that they reported the problem. I wrote a note on it so hopefully it doesn't come back to me again.

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