Friday, July 28, 2006

Venzero Lifesaver

Venzero has unveiled it's 8GB usb stick with backup software as well as the device used as a mobile desktop(Ceedo Personal Edition ).

This tiny usb stick will feature:

8GB of storage space.

Backup Software
Let's face it with hard drive failures, viruses, computer crashes experts say to backup your vital documents and media before you end up losing them. I know first hand when my hard drive died on me and i was left without important media(personal pictures, archives, and documents) that i can never get back again. This is where Venzero lifesaver comes in. A convenient way to backup your PCs vital files.

Personal Mobile Environment
You can also use the Lifesaver as a PC on the go. Plug the USB drive into a PC or laptop anywhere your are(Work, Internet cafe, Airport terminal, friends computer) . And you can run programs, access documents, surf the internet, send and recieve emails. When your finish just unplugged it and the entire working environment goes with you.

IncludedVenzero Lifesaver(8gb)
Ceedo Personal Edition
Carrying case

Priced at $149 in the U.S.Release date Mid August.Details can be seen on the official website

via Venzero Elite

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